Wednesday, May 23, 2012

World Building Through Game Context

I was excited to see this piece by Patricia Hernandez over at Kotaku because she's really understood what we were trying to do with the world building in Super Monday Night Combat.   Her article outlines it well but the basic idea is to describe the world without sticking it right into your face as an intro video.   You learn about the dystopia by inferring what's going on outside the game through the context of (mostly) the announcers.   Some novels take a similar approach to revealing a world through actions and dialog without long descriptions of world background.   I'm glad people are appreciating this aspect of the game because I love the world of SMNC.  We do owe a bit of a debt to Idiocracy one of the greatest movies ever made IMHO.

For the record the fantastic Ed Kuehnel does almost all of the writing in MNC and SuperMNC.  If you need some writing done he's your guy.

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