Friday, June 15, 2012

Stargate Continuum

I'm definitely a fan of Stargate but my viewing trailed off when a lot of the characters that I like left.  I've recently been catching up a bit and watched the Ark of Truth a while ago.  I was kind of disappointed to be honest.

So I wasn't totally stoked to check out Continuum.  Holy shit batman was I ever wrong.  Continuum was like an old school Stargate episode.  Hammond of Texes?  Check.  O'Neill?  Check.  System Lords?  Check.  Time Travel?  Check.   Basically I enjoyed every single minute of it.  It makes me sad I've already seen all of the old ones.   I don't usually rant about this stuff but man I just loved it.

So kudos to the Stargate people for making a great show.  Yes it's Star Trek in a bunker but damn it was good.

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