Monday, April 23, 2012


For some reason I've felt like writing about various topics lately.  I think mainly because I haven't had the time to think about exploring other ideas lately.  I've never been one for posting a lot of stuff publically so this is kind of an experiment.  We'll see if it continues.  Surely don't expect anything here regularly.  But when I feel like writing about something I find interesting... well then I will.

So tomorrow I'm going to give a lunch talk at Amazon.  They didn't really give me a topic so I'm going to talk about what I want, which is Uber, our games and UberNet our F2P back-end platform.  Generally speaking I don't do a lot of public speaking.  Not for any particular reason as I'm quite comfortable in front of a crowd.

I think lately mainly I'm more interested in it because I feel like I'm doing interesting things and thinking interesting things that need to be talked about more.  I was also inspired by John Stevenson's talk last year at dice.  He swore like a motherfucker and got away with it because of how he worked the crowd.  I realized I don't need to be uptight and should let most of my real personality shine through.

I also figure if I give enough talks and people aren't entertained that the whole things will sort itself out somehow in the end.  Think of it as a market response.

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