Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Running an independant game company

Running any company can be challenging. We've completely transformed from a product based company to a service based company over the last year.  Everything we do going forward is wrapped around either providing services to end users (Super Monday Night Combat) or supplying services to other developers (UberNet).

That's been very challenging but it's finally starting to pay off.  The stress of dealing with cash flow management, getting the services launched etc. has been pretty high for the last year.  We had some opportunities that in the short term would have made life easier but we chose to go a tougher but in the long term better route that maintains our independence.

In any company there is always a tension between short and long term goals.  How much do you invest in the future and how does that effect what you do today?  Often times there is no simple answer and you have to make choices based on your experience, goals, temperament and the current situation. 

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