Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random today stuff

So my talk at Amazon today went pretty well.   It was a decent crowd and I pretty much just winged it using my pp deck as a way to remind me what I wanted to say.  I managed to get it all out in the allotted time.

Spending time today working on a lot legal junk like eula's, contracts and other administrative junk like that.

Speaking of which our lawyer Bill Carleton is freakin amazing.   He was recommend to us at the beginning of Uber and I couldn't be happier.   http://www.wac6.com/

BTW That's not to say there aren't plenty of other great attorneys around who know how to deal with the games business.   I really like Tom Buscaglia as well.  The problem with Tom is that he's such a good friend I have a hard time separating out our relationship.   Tom is a go to guy for smaller startups who want to do game specific deals with people like MS, Steam and whole lot more.   http://www.gameattorney.com/blog/

Interestingly I actually met Tom before he got into the industry.  E3 1998 or so he was taking his first steps into the industry and we were getting rides over to the convention center in his awesome towncar rental (with air condition which is nice to have in Atlanta).

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